Am I normal?

The answer is no!


But wait before you go running off to sob in the corner of your bedroom. You are not normal because there is no such thing as normal. Now I know you might have stumbled on this post because you were looking for some reassurance, or maybe it is because I tell people to start on this page from the about section. But I am sorry, I am going to have to blow this shit right out of the water for you. You are not normal. I am not normal, your mum, dad, sister, brother, uncle is not normal. There is no such thing as normal. I get it, things are tough right now. Shit is all falling apart and you are looking at people left right and centre who seem to have their life sorted. Good news for you though….they don’t have it all sorted. Not in the slightest. They go home and close their doors and turn all shades of crazy. Some more than others.

I once stayed in a famous celebrity’s house in London I idolised him when I was growing up, and through a random set of events, I ended crashing at his pad for 10 whole days. Well, it was more a palace than a pad (I am not making this up, random stuff happens to me like this all the time. It is because I am not normal). Anyway here he was with all his awards and Scrooge McDuck money vault….and it turns out he was a raving piss head who treated all his staff like crap. Really sad isn’t it when you have all that money, and people around you, but everyone is letting you continue on as a prat because you make so much money. Anyway I am getting sidetracked…

There are some dumbasses out there who say ignorant stuff. I remember when I was 20 and flatting I overheard a flatmate and their mate discussing me and how ‘un-normal’ I was. Yup, I did go and cry in the corner of my bedroom. Fuckers! But I was 20 so I thought there was a thing called ‘normal’ and I was aiming for it. But what my flatmate and her friend were really trying to say is….’fuck she is a smart cookie! Where does she get these amazing ideas from, and how come she sees the world so differently….fascinating’.  It’s just that they too were 20 and ignorant and hadn’t explored anywhere outside their own backyard. If you still have people like this in your life and are past 30 I would seriously be looking at cutting them loose. If you are in your 20’s – hold on because your 30’s are so much better!

But really, this is one of the reasons why we as a nation we are finding ourselves suffering from a mental health crisis. Everyone thinks everyone else has their shit together. We are all just sitting in our own silos not letting people know we aren’t ok. Hence why you have ended up on the blog post, because you probably googled…am I normal?

You will never hear me talk about what is normal or not normal in this blog. As there is no such thing. The first thing you can do to help yourself is to stop comparing and maybe look at getting some new friends with the same mindset as you. I did and it worked a treat!


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