Everyone wants it nobody is getting enough of it…sleep!

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Not in this house this week anyway! Oh yes, it is true I have left the station and am pulling into Manicville. It has been four nights now with barely any sleep. I say that with absolutely no conviction at all as I have lost count and I don’t know what the day is anymore. Why keep track it really doesn’t matter!

All I know is this, the meds that I lovingly refer to as ‘the big guns’ that get brung out during times like these are doing nothing!!! So every day I have to relay to my nurse that no there was no sleeping going on last night. She then gets me to change them around a bit. I get all hopeful for the evening and then 2am rolls around and I am staring at the ceiling wide awake. I finally admit defeat and get up and go and do something fun!

Fun!? What can you do at 2am in the morning for fun when you are feeling a little manic but you live in the middle of nowhere. Well my friends let me tell you…not a fuck of a lot. Except come on here and rant. I have some pretty good strategies in place for such occasions ie we don’t let me have access to the credit card because 2am can be lonely and nothing fills that lonely hole inside of you by buying $1000 of makeup online. Or booking those air tickets to see…ummm well it doesn’t matter who you are going to see but the point is you won’t be lonely there either. What I do have is rice bubbles and peaches. They are just so damn good at 2am in the morning. All their crackle and pop goodness.

Earlier this week I planned out a whole new tour company for the area I live in (we are currently experiencing a boom in tourism). Priced it all up, made itineraries, worked out the break-even point for the company and then began building the website. I know I sound absolutely bonkers! This is what happens when I can’t sleep. It has happened before. Once I came up with an idea to start an online house swap site for educators to use during their school holidays. I stayed up all night building the site and had my first 20 paid sign-ups by lunchtime the next day. I am certainly not short on good ideas. I am short on follow through and sleep. Oh, how I wish I could sleep.

So tonight while the rest of you are sleeping (bastards) I am keeping it real low key and blogging instead. Looking forward to seeing the sunrise so I can get in touch with my nurse and have another crack at mixing the meds so we can get it right before the weekend rolls around.

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