When your fuck it bucket is full! A bed time story by Dr. Seuss

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There are only so many fucks a person can give until their bucket is full! When we are unwell that bucket reduces in size dramatically so you need to be very careful what you put in there. To elaborate on this I have asked Dr. Seuss to explain.

‘I cannot give any fucks’ I said. I need to retain my energy instead.

This fuck it bucket is full, it is full to the brim. It is impossible I cannot let any more of you in!

Are you my partner, my mother, or a close friend? I didn’t think so! I don’t mean to offend.

But I am running on empty. I have no juice left. My bucket is full, it is full I have said!

If you are from work or drift in and out of my life. I can’t help you right now. The time isn’t right.

This fuck it bucket is not a bottomless pit. It is very small and your problems just cannot fit.

North Korea, global warming this means you too. I cannot lose any sleep over you. Come back in a few weeks and there might be some room.

If you are feeling unwell then don’t feel bad. To tell people that there are no more fucks to be had. That your bucket is full and there just isn’t room. If they don’t like it then fuck it there’s nothing more you can do!




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