Job hopping the curse of the multipotentialite….and mental illness, maybe?

One of the things that frustrates me beyond belief is my inability to stick with stuff. I get bored! Fast! But I also have an overwhelming interest in everything and I want to find out how it works…and then move on! This is also unfortunately how I approach my work. I have been like this ever since I was a kid.

At high school I wanted to know how the people out the back of a fast food restaurant knew what burgers to make. So I got a job at Burger King. That didn’t last very long once I discovered the tills talked to screens out in the kitchen, big let down.  This was in the 90’s back when cellphones were still small bricks. So discovering that tills could talk to computers was a big deal! There was the time I wanted to find out how McCafe made their drinks so I got a job there only to leave after 3 months and get a job at Starbucks so I could compare.  Before my ‘professional life’ I was a waitress, a cleaner, a cafe worker. I once worked at a Museum checking people’s tickets for the special expos. That was definitely the most boring job I ever had. But we were allowed to read a book while waiting for customers so not all bad.

Once I graduated from Teacher’s College I wasn’t quite ready to settle down into a ‘real’ job so I decided to become a track guide. Turns out I hate walking in the rain and hills. Not ideal when you are having to walk up a mountain every other day. Then there was the stint as a singing chef (yes, don’t ask), the early childhood job, and then finally teaching. But I only ever managed to stay at one school for no more than 2 years and would move year levels each year just to keep things interesting. Then I worked in mental health (yes that is right I worked in it! Lol!), and then I was a library assistant, a relief manager at a motel, more recently a facilitator, oh and I did my post-grad, and now I work for a startup in a role that has three different roles attached.

I probably feel the most engaged in my current job because people who work in a startup have to be as mad as hell to do it. So I can relate to my peers and it is also a lot of fun. What happens though is that I achieve what I call proficient in a position and then I lose interest and start looking around me for something else to learn to do. Not ideal if you are an employer. So why the heck would anyone employ me? Well, you will just have to read why you should hire my crazy arse to find out.

I used to worry a lot about my job hopping and view it as a negative thing. Until I discovered  Emilie Wapnick’s TED talk on: Why some of us don’t have a true calling. Then I was like “I have found my people!!” Turns out there are a whole bunch of us and you don’t have to have a mental illness to be one! Although I am pretty sure that my job hopping is directly related to my mental illness. Sigh! It is the one thing in my life that I wish I had more control over. I have Googled the heck out of it and haven’t actually found a lot of information on this area. Actually, most articles relating to keeping down a job and having a mental illness are just really depressing. The future’s not looking bright for us my friends. But I am determined to buck the trend. So this is my first post where I don’t have all the answers and am asking you to give me some advice. If you have a mental illness and work. What do you do to stop yourself from job hopping?